George Garcia

Founder / Polyglot. Studying foreign languages has always been a pleasure of mine. My parents spoke multiple languages and immersed me in French and German even before I started school. But what fascinates me now is mastering language learning tools and sharing them with others. It’s unfortunate that most people associate language learning with grinding through textbooks. While they can be helpful, communication and culture are equally important. Looking for more effective approaches has embarked me on a fascinating journey. I tutored hundreds of people and traveled most of Europe and Asia while gathering enough experience to share with others. There’s no one correct way of language learning – everyone must find the most fitting tools and methods. I started Lingomee to reach more people and help them make their own way to fluency.


Lingvist review

Lingvist Review: Is It Worth It?

Flashcards are a well-known method for memorization. Language students have used them to remember new vocabulary for quite some time. But as with most language