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Thai lessons are a challenge to many, especially when it comes to mastering vocabulary and tonal pronunciation. The lack of practice opportunities, especially for learners outside Thailand, remains the key reason for the loss of motivation to learn Thai. Aspiring Thai speakers just don’t have many options.

But language learning apps have eliminated this problem by providing an online environment to learn Thai. They also don’t require previous Thai experience, making them perfect for a complete beginner. Thai learning courses are well-structured, covering all language aspects, including Thai grammar, vocabulary, and speaking practices.

But with a plethora of these apps available in the market, finding fitting Thai lessons takes a lot of time. This roundup takes you through some of the best apps to learn Thai and classifies them into specific categories.

My Top Picks

Overall Best App to Learn Thai

Pimsleur review

A compelling app with audio lessons to learn Thai 

Best Thai App for Beginners

mondly review

An effortless Thai language learning with cutting-edge technology

Best Thai App with Spaced Repetition

Glossika Review

Numerous native-speaker audio recordings, one of the best spaced repetition systems

How to Choose the Best Thai Language Learning App

  1. Pimsleur – Overall Best App to Learn Thai
  2. Mondly – Best Thai App for Beginners
  3. Glossika – Best App to Learn Thai with Spaced Repetition
  4. ThaiPod101 – Best Thai App for Audio Lessons
  5. italki – Best App to Learn Thai Pronunciation
  6. Duolingo – Best Thai App With Free Access

The language learning market is saturated, so finding the best apps to learn Thai is time-consuming. It takes throughout research and testing to see what’s actually effective. Here at Lingomee, we’re all about making it easier for you. We benchmark all products through the same measures.

Comparison Of The Best Thai Langauge Learning Apps


 PimsleurMondlyDrops AppThaiPod101GlossikaClozemasterPreplyLing appItalkiDuolingo
Brand Glossika App Clozemaster Preply Ling App
ReviewPimsleur reviewMondly reviewDrops App reviewThaiPod101 ReviewGlossika ReviewClozemaster ReviewPreply ReviewLing app ReviewItalki reviewDuolingo review
Available languages5141463460+7145+60130+39+
Suits best forIntermediatesNovices / Lower-IntermediatesIntermediatesIntermediatesIntermediates / AdvancedIntermediatesIntermediates / AdvancedNovicesIntermediates / AdvancedNovices / Intermediates
Payment optionsMonthly / Lifetime3 Months / Annually / LifetimeMonthly/ Annually /LifetimeMonthlyMonthly / AnnuallyMonthly / Annually / LifetimePer lesson / MonthlyMonthly / Annually / LifetimeIn-app currencyMonthly / Annually
Price14.95 – 575 $9.9 – 89.99 $13 – 159.99 $4 – 552 $13.33 – 30.99 $8 – 140 $3 – 40 $8.99 – 149.99 $4 – 50 $ per lesson9.99 – 79.99 $
Hours of study time300+575+250+345+260+300+N/A75+Not applicable1000+
Time commitment30 min / day30 min / day15 min / day40 min / day20 min / day15 – 30 min / dayFew hours a week10-20 min / dayFew hours a week15 – 30 min / day
PlatformsWeb, iOS, AndroidWeb, iOS, AndroidWeb, iOS, AndroidWeb, iOS, AndroidWeb, iOS, AndroidWeb, iOS, AndroidWeb, iOS, AndroidWeb, iOS, AndroidWeb, iOS, AndroidiOS, Android
Refund policy30-day money-back guaranteeIndividual refunds14-day money-back guarantee60-day money-back guarantee60-day money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee14 or 90-day refunds30 Day money-back guarantee100% satisfaction guarantee48-hour refunds
Free Trial✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

6 Best Apps to Learn Thai Language


Overall Best App to Learn Thai

Pimsleur website

Why we like Pimsleur

Pimsleur gets you conversational in a new language with interactive audio lessons and games.  Native Thai speakers will walk you through basic vocabulary and the most important concepts for reading, grammar, and writing.

⭐ Platforms:Web, iOS, Android
⌚ Time commitment:30 minutes per day 
💵 Price:$14.95 – $575
🔄 Refund policy:30-day money-back guarantee
🎁 Free Trial:✔️

Key Features

  • Driving and Offline Mode – download audio lessons for offline use and easily control the app while driving.
  • Speak Easy challenge – build conversational skills, expand vocabulary, and get conversational in real-life settings.
  • Voice coach – advanced speech recognition technology for pronunciation practice.
  • Speed Run Game – memorize and translate key words quickly with an interactive game.



Why Pimsleur is The Overall Best App to Learn Thai

Pimsleur is the best app to learn Thai due to its focus on all language learning aspects, making it the best app for new and advanced learners. The audio-based lessons are perfect for tonal and pronunciation accuracy, favoring learners who want to improve their conversational Thai. The repetition and active participation in lessons helps improve vocabulary and master new words and phrases. 

Through cultural insights, learners appreciate the way of life in Thailand, which helps them connect with the locals once they visit the region. Pimsleur is a great app if you want to start speaking Thai in a short time. It also provides all learning materials to help you learn Thai quickly.


Best Thai App for Beginners

Mondly website

Why we like Mondly

Mondly might be the most innovative Thai language-learning app on the market. It appeals to language learners of various levels with gamified and even virtual reality lessons. Language learning is guaranteed to be fun with Mondly.

⭐ Platforms:Web, iOS, Android
⌚ Time commitment:30 minutes per day
💵 Price:$9.90 – $89.99
🔄 Refund policy:Individual 
🎁 Free Trial:✔️

Key Features

  • Speech Recognition Technology – gain confidence in speaking with advanced voice recognition.
  • Interactive Chatbot – receive instant feedback on your conversational skills.
  • AR and VR Modules – engage with digital characters and objects while learning a language.
  • Mondly Kids – immerse your kids into a foreign language through interactive games.



Why Mondly is The Best Thai App for Beginners

Monldly’s approach to learn Thai is based on going through the Thai alphabet and basic phrases first. It makes it perfect for complete beginners to learn Thai. Mondly’s lessons are progressive, ensuring Thai students understand the concepts from the first lesson before progressing to the next.

The vocabulary lessons help learners master words and phrases quickly. The bite-sized lessons are easy to digest and master, helping students learn Thai quickly. Mondly offers different lessons, including audio, video, and visual exercises, to cater to different Thai learning styles.

The speech recognition technology helps students practice their speaking skills to improve their intonation and pronunciation. The cultural aspects help beginners understand and appreciate the customs of Thailand. All of this makes Mondly the best app to learn Thai for beginners.


Best App to Learn Thai with Spaced Repetition

Glossika Review

Why we like Glossika

Glossika helps to overcome the Thai intermediate-level gap by exposing language learners to numerous native-speaker audio recordings. The listening and speaking exercises work with one of the best spaced repetition systems on the market.

⭐ Platforms:Web, iOS, Android
⌚ Time commitment:20 minutes per day
💵 Price:$13.33 – $30.99
🔄 Refund policy:60-day money-back guarantee
🎁 Free Trial:✔️

Key Features

  • Learn new items –  use spaced repetition to remember new words and phrases.
  • Review – constantly rehearse the words with an algorithm that remembers where you need more practice.
  • Stories – read books with the help of native speaker recordings.
  • My Skills – achieve more by knowing what you already learned and what lies ahead.



Why Glossika is The Best App to Learn Thai with Spaced Repetition

Glossika utilizes a systemic Thai word memorization approach to help you learn vocabulary quickly. The spaced repetition tracks the learner’s progress to identify difficult words and phrases and schedules them for repetition. Basic phrases you answer correctly repeat less frequently, while difficult Thai vocabulary appears more often.

Glossika has an extensive database of common phrases and sentences in Thai covering different topics for an immersive learning experience. Other key features of this Thai course expose you to words and phrases used in everyday communication, helping build confidence when you learn Thai.


Best Thai App for Audio Lessons

thaipod101 web

Why we like ThaiPod101

Thai Pod 101 provides an extensive collection of podcast-like language courses with the same high-quality standard in each. Listen to native speaker dialogues adjusted for your level and accessible at your own pace.

⭐ Platforms:Web, iOS, Android
⌚ Time commitment:40 minutes per day
💵 Price:$4 – $552
🔄 Refund policy:60-day money-back guarantee
🎁 Free Trial:✔️

Key Features

  • Pathways – learn with personalized lesson plans suiting your interests.
  • Dialogues – follow native speaker conversations while making notes and recording yourself.
  • Vocabulary – Learn Thai words separately with their pronunciation and translation.
  • Lesson Notes – read comprehensive yet concise notes on the most crucial concepts of your target language.



Why Thai Pod 101 is The Best Thai App for Audio Lessons

Thai Pod 101’s Thai course is best for improving listening and speaking skills. The audio lessons are made and updated by native Thai speakers, providing an immersive learning approach for anyone interested in learning Thai. Thai Pod 101 audio lessons contain practical exercises, vocabulary explanations, and dialogues for active practice and improving conversational Thai. By listening, learners know how to pronounce different words and phrases.

Other Thai Pod 101’s interactive exercises include tasks like quizzes and speaking exercises that learners can follow along. Thai pronunciation and speaking practices help learners improve intonation and accent, allowing them to start speaking in no time.


Best App to Learn Thai Pronunciation

italki website

Why we like Italki

italki is the most popular online tutoring platform with a wide selection of teachers for the Thai language. The language exchange app provides all you need for tutoring and even some additional practice possibilities outside the classroom.

⭐ Platforms:Web, iOS, Android
⌚ Time commitment:Few hours a week
💵 Price:$4 – $50
🔄 Refund policy:100% satisfaction guarantee
🎁 Free Trial:✔️

Key Features

  • Teacher Filtering – find the right tutor with the help of relevant filters.
  • italki Classroom – take classes with an in-built software without worrying about compatibility.
  • italki Credits – pay with a virtual currency and save money.
  • italki Discover – find various activities created by the italki community.

The Good

The Bad

Why italki is The Best App to Learn Thai Pronunciation

italki offers one-on-one lessons from experienced Thai speakers to help learners improve their pronunciation. italki tutors engage in conversation, where they expose you to authentic Thai pronunciation. It’s the easiest way to learn Thai fast for any student planning to travel to Thailand. Students are introduced to authentic pronunciation from the first lesson.

Teachers on italki also help personalize lessons based on the student’s goals, helping them improve in selected aspects. They also offer accurate and immediate feedback, which is handy for anyone learning Thai. Students can also schedule classes based on their schedule, helping them learn Thai on the go.


Best Thai App With Free Access

Duolingo website

Why we like Duolingo

Duolingo is the most gamified language learning experience you can get for the Thai language. Just like in a video game, you must collect gems and earn XP while learning basic concepts of a new language.

⭐ Platforms:Web, iOS, Android
⌚ Time commitment:15 – 30 minutes per day
💵 Price:$9.99 – $79.99
🔄 Refund policy:48-hour refunds
🎁 Free Trial:✔️

Key Features

  • Gems, XP points, badges… – motivate yourself to learn with an abundance of elements from mobile games. 
  • Stories – read and listen to interactive stories bringing you closer to a real-life experience.
  • Roleplay – converse with a chatbot that can adjust to your proficiency level.
  • Personalized lessons – delve into short lessons teaching the basics of the target language while focusing on your weak spots.

The Good

The Bad

Why Duolingo is The Best Thai App With Free Access

Duolingo is the best app to learn Thai for anyone short on money for a premium app. Although free, Duolingo offers a comprehensive Thai course covering grammar, vocabulary, speaking, reading, and listening skills. Learners get access to a free account to access all the lessons and Thai learning materials.

Duolingo’s gamified approach is among the key features that make learning Thai fun with this app. The bite-sized Thai lessons are easy to digest, allowing learners to complete the Thai course without fatigue or overloading their schedules. You will still need to pay to learn Thai more fully. Only Duolingo’s paid Thai course covers everything you need, including the most common words and phrases.

Frequently Asked Questions When Learning Thai

Combining different apps to expose you to different learning styles is the best way to learn Thai. Start by learning vocabulary using apps like Drops, Pimsleur, and Glossika, which are vocabulary based. Doing so will help you learn Thai phrases and words used in daily conversations.

The apps in this roundup can help you learn the Thai language independently. You must start by building a strong foundation with apps like Drops and Ling app. The apps help you learn Thai vocabulary and pronunciation before progressing to more advanced key features. You can then use Pimsleur and ThaiPod101 for audio practice.

The Thai language is over 700 years old, dating back to the 13th century when the basic Thai alphabet was formed. It belongs to the Tai-Kadai group, which is one of the world’s oldest tongues. Modern Thai still contains the basic words and phrases from the old language. Knowing a bit about Tai-Kadai will help you learn vocabulary and master modern Thai phrases faster.

สวัสดี, Sawatdee, pronounced as (Sa-wat-dee) is the common way of saying Hello in Thailand. You can use these greetings in formal or informal settings and at any time of the day in Thailand.

My Verdict

The apps we have covered in this roundup are efficient for learning Thai, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner. If you’re looking for audio lessons, personalized learning by native tutors, pronunciation practice, or vocabulary improvement, our list below has every app you need to help you learn Thai effectively from the very first lesson. Jumpstart your Thai language journey today!

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Best App to Learn Thai


Best App to Learn Thai
Founder / Polyglot