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Lingomee is run by three lifelong travelers and language learners. We visited over 74 countries and know it’s important to learn the local language beforehand. We don’t believe in a universal path to fluency – everyone must find the best tools for themselves.

Whether you are studying for business or leisure, our content will help you find the way to foreign language fluency. We tested and reviewed all major language learning programs so you could reap their benefits.

How We Work

By combining expertise and throughout research, we provide only comprehensive reviews. Our method requires us to have no favorites and be immune to third-party influences. It consists of three steps.

We select language apps and services that are well-known and actually help learners to improve. Our aim is to find tools for all levels of language proficiency and as many languages as possible.

We test the apps ourselves and leave no stone unturned while doing so. It’s the only way to get authoritative knowledge about online language learning services and avoid repeating viral rumors.

We evaluate products using an independent system of ratings. It allows us to review and benchmark different products more objectively than other online resources.

Among many other criteria, our evaluations rely on the hours of lesson material, user experience, quality of content, available features, value for money, and customer support.

We are open to feedback! Feel free to contact us with any suggestions or improvements.

Our Staff

Author George E. Garcia

George E. Garcia

Founder / Polyglot

Studying foreign languages has always been a pleasure of mine. My parents spoke multiple languages and immersed me in French and German even before I started school. But what fascinates me now is mastering language learning tools and sharing them with others. Read More

Author Clara Williams

Clara Williams

Writer / Language app enthusiast

When I’m not writing about language learning, I study languages myself. Immersing in a new foreign language is just that rewarding. The key is to find what works for you. While I have my own preferences, I’m always eager to recommend what’s best for the reader. Read More

Author Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson

Content Manager / Spanish nerdo

Language learning connected me with many people – from friends in Berlin to lovers in Paris and business partners in Hong Kong. I believe that anyone should get such opportunities, and sharing my knowledge in Lingomee is the best way to achieve this. Read More

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