Make Your Own Way To Fluency

Let’s face it – there is no universal path to language proficiency. There are many pitfalls, and you must find your own way. Lingomee is here to help! We are three friends united in a passion for language learning. Our reviews and roundups will aid every language learner to fluency and beyond.

George Garcia


Founder / Polyglot

Studying foreign languages has always been a pleasure of mine. My parents spoke multiple languages and immersed me in French and German even before I started school. But what fascinates me now is mastering language learning tools and sharing them with others.

Clara Williams


Writer / Language app enthusiast

When I’m not writing about language learning, I study languages myself. Immersing in a new foreign language is just that rewarding. The key is to find what works for you. While I have my own preferences, I’m always eager to recommend what’s best for the reader.

Mike Anderson


Content Manager / Spanish nerdo

Language learning connected me with many people – from friends in Berlin to lovers in Paris and business partners in Hong Kong. I believe that anyone should get such opportunities, and sharing my knowledge in Lingomee is the best way to achieve this.

Our Values

Our Mission


We strive to provide the best language learning advice with honest, truthful, and factual reviews



Our reviews are based on decades of experience learning and teaching languages



We ensure factual accuracy with extreme rigor and use only primary or well-recognized sources



We press every button and try every course before giving our recommendations

We are independent


We share our opinions because we want to. After all, we are language learners just like you



If a product is unworthy or fits only one type of learner, we’ll be upfront about it.