Rocket Italian Review – Is it Worth a Try? (Honest Review)

Mike Anderson

Ever dreamt of walking around the streets of Italy to explore the local Italian culture while interacting with the Italian language? Maybe next time you can talk with your nonna in her native language to surprise her.

But how can one learn Italian enough to speak fluently like a native speaker? Here the Rocket Italian app comes to your rescue!

Our thorough Rocket Italian review takes a deep dive and refined every audio and video lesson. From a language and cultural point of view, Rocket Italian has everything auditory learners need to start.



Practical Italian language app designed for serious learners

Rocket Italian is a comprehensive language app. It includes language culture lessons, an advanced voice recognition tool, offline content, native Italian speaker audio, and everything else you might need to learn a new language. Although, there are a couple of drawbacks, it’s definitely one of the best tools to learn Italian basics quickly.

Rocket Languages Website

Rocket Italian Review Summary

⭐ Rating:8.7★★★★★
🥇 Available languages:14 (see below)
📈 Suits best for:Novices and Intermediates
🛒 Payment options:6 Months / Lifetime
💵 Price:$15 – $260
⌚ Hours of lesson time:350+
🔄 Refund policy:60-day money back guarantee
🎁 Free Trial:✔️

American Sign Language, Arabic (Egyptian), Chinese (Mandarin), English (American), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin America)

Our Evaluation

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Brief Overview of Rocket Italian

Launched in 2004, Rocket Italian is a unique and engaging program offering a structured and graded Italian course with language culture lessons. Rocket Languages helps you to speak like native Italian speakers quickly with its unique voice recognition approach to learning a new language.

All langugae courses on the app
All langugae courses on the app

The Language app focuses on audio lessons with dialogues allowing the users to learn any new language in context rather than having to memorize grammar rules. Rocket Italian does not have a placement test, but you can easily choose the level you are at. Still, we recommend starting from the beginner levels to first cover the basics. We also think that this is the best app to learn Italian for the money.

The Rocket Languages course’s content is 100% downloadable. It means you own what you pay for and can use the course offline.

Update: As of 2023, PDFs are no longer available for Rocket Italian. However, the MP3 audio files are still available for download.

Rocket Italian Review: Primary features

Rocket Italian will be your ultimate go-to Italian learning app that covers everything from core to advanced language culture lessons. Let’s break down every feature and functionality of the Rocket Italian app to understand how it stands out from competitors.

Learn Italian with Massive Audio Lessons, Bonus & More.

Rocket Languages offers an audio course with three pricing levels for learning spoken Italian: Premium, Combo, and Works.

Interactive audio lesson - rocket italian's reputation
Interactive audio lesson - rocket italian's reputation

The lowest Rocket Italian level, Works, which includes 66 rocket lessons for $149.95. The mid-Combo level includes 129 lessons for $299.90. The highest Premium level includes 183 lessons for $449.85.

The Works level is about half the price of the Combo level, and the Combo level is about half the price of the Premium level.

The Works level includes the most basic lessons, while the Combo level includes more advanced lessons. The Premium level includes the most advanced lessons and bonus features including survival kit and a culture lesson guide, recommended for serious learners.

The whole course of Rocket Italian Content can be broken down into two parts:

Interactive Audio Lessons

  • Theme-based lessons

  • Podcast-style format

  • Humorous and engaging

Audio lessons, language courses
Audio lessons, language courses

Language and Culture Lessons

  • Italian grammar

  • Italian culture Lessons

rocekt italian app, entire course
rocekt italian app, entire course

The Works level might be a good option for you starting as a native English speaker. But If you are looking for a more comprehensive learning style, the Combo or Premium levels are a better option. Unlike other language apps, such as Rosetta Stone, they include culture lessons.

Integrated with Google Web Speech API

With Rocket Languages, users can now improve Italian pronunciation with a New built-in diligent Voice Recognition Feature.

The new speech recognition technology uses Google’s Web Speech API as it allows users to record themselves speaking Italian and receive instant feedback on their pronunciation.

Voice recognition is a valuable upgrade to help Italian language learners with pronunciation, but more is needed than just feedback. If you are really looking to improve your pronunciation, some work with a tutor or practice partner is still needed. We recommend apps like italki or Preply for practice possibilities.

Compatibility with IOS & Android App

With a Premium course membership, you can access the online Italian course on any device, including every audio lesson, language activities, and multiple assessments. Users can easily use the app on their computer, phone, or tablet from anywhere for learning Italian.

As an active user and reviewer, I prefer to use the Rocket app on my Android tablet. It is more convenient and user-friendly than the web version. The app also runs seamlessly, and I have not experienced any issues with any features, including the Web Speech API.

Effective Conversational Style Interactive Audio Lessons

With Rocket Italian, you will learn conversational Italian by following along with two hosts, Alex (American) and Maria (native Italian speaker)With audio lessons, Alex and Maria discuss various Italian topics about typical scenarios and culture lessons.

What we like about the audio lessons is that it makes learning Italian interesting and practical. The Rocket Italian lessons are not dry, boring grammar lessons but rather thematic and engaging. This helps you speak Italian more naturally and enhance listening comprehension.

Users who find the English discussion distracting can also choose to listen to Italian dialogues only.

The Excellence of The Learning Material

Rocket Italian has a lot of efficient features enhancing its utility as a language-learning app. That’s why it is more expensive than some other language apps.

Rocket Italian Program is a comprehensive course that offers lots of conversational audio lesson-based learning content, from beginner to advanced levels, with additional bonuses.

The Rocket Italian course instructs users with clear, easy-to-follow, and well-organized lessons. For practicing vocabulary, the course includes over 90 interactive audio lessons, 90 language and culture lessons, and over 6000 audio examples with pronunciation practice. The average lesson duration is about 20 minutes.

There are many other additions to Rocket Italian:

  • Gamification motivates you to receive points and titles while continuing your study streaks.

  • The vocabulary search tool allows finding any term or expression in the course.

  • The flashcard deck gives ample opportunities to rehearse and memorize each Italian word from the audio lessons.

Grammar Instruction

Rocket Italian is a comprehensive and engaging app helping you learn Italian grammar. The app covers all the basic grammar rules, including verb conjugation, noun declension, and adjective agreement. The lessons are clear and concise, and the interactive exercises help you practice what you’ve learned.

Verbal Practice

Rocket Italian offers a good variety of speaking practice tasks, including:

  • Dictation: You can listen to a sentence or phrase and type it out in Italian.

  • Fill in the blanks: Users can listen to any sentence and fill in the blank with the correct word or phrase.

  • Conversation practice: You can also have a conversation with a virtual tutor.


The Rocket Italian comes with a variety of built-in reading activities, including:

  • Matching: You can match Italian words with their English translations.

  • Fill in the blanks: You can also fill in the blank with the correct Italian word.

  • Close test: Users can read a passage and fill in the blanks with the correct words.


Rocket Italian has a variety of writing activities, including:

  • Building Sentence Structure: The user builds sentences using Italian words and phrases.

  • Fill in the blanks: The user fills in the blank with the correct Italian sentence.

  • Essay writing: You can write Italian essay on a given topic.


The Rocket Italian has a built-in flashcard system that allows users to learn new vocabulary. It also provides audio examples of each word and phrase so that users can hear their pronunciation. The voice recognition software is especially beneficial here, as you can get instant feedback to improve on. If you prefer learning with flashcards, than Memrise and Mosalingua are also great choices.


Whether or not Rocket Italian is fun to use depends on your learning journey style and preferences. Some people find the app engaging and fun, while others find it repetitive and boring.

The app uses various teaching methods, including games, quizzes, interactive audio lessons, and exercises. Sign up for a free trial if you want to try Rocket Italian. It will allow you to try the app and see if it fits you well.

Rocket Italian Review: Accessibility

The User interface of Rocket Italian is clean, minimal, and well-balanced. The overall layout is easy to navigate, and the app is responsive and user-friendly. The contrast between the text and background colors makes it easy to read the text. The images in Rocket Italian are original, created by the app’s developers specifically for the app.

The primary colors in Rocket Italian are blue and green, conducive for visual learners. The secondary colors are red and orange, which highlight important information. The labels in Rocket Italian are clear and concise. The feedback in Rocket Italian is immediate and informative. When a user makes a mistake, the app provides clear and concise feedback. 

The first-time user experience in Rocket Italian is smooth and easy. The app provides clear instructions and helpful tips to help users get started. The loading times in the app are reasonable.

Rocket Italian Competitors and Analysis

Rocket Italian vs Babbel Italian

Babbel website

Babbel Italian has slightly better grammar coverage and a textbook-like feel with podcasts and games. Rocket Italian focuses on interactive audio lessons with cultural insights and vocabulary resources. If you want a less auditory approach to language learning, Babbel might be for you. Learn more about it in this Babbel Italian review.

Rocket Italian vs ItalianPod101

Italianpod website

ItalianPod101 provides an extensive collection of podcast-like Italian lessons. It has a low price tag while still packing some considerable features. Rocket Italian is also based on learning with audio recordings but, unlike ItalianPod101, packs voice recognition and interactive games. Find more information in our ItalianPod101 review.

What Areas Require Enhancement?

There is always room for improvement, and this applies to the below features of Rocket Italian:

More opportunities for speaking and listening practice. Having more opportunities for users to practice Italian speaking and listening would be helpful. 

The lack of content for advanced learners makes it a bit less comprehensive than competitors. The app currently caters to beginners and intermediate learners, but having more content for advanced learners would be helpful. 

More customization options, as some activities can get repetitive. The app currently offers limited customization options. Being able to find native speakers to practice with is one such area.

Despite the cons mentioned below, Rocket Italian is a good option for people looking for a fun and engaging way to learn Italian.

Rocket Italian Prices

Rocket Italian pricing is based on two subscription options:

1 Month$19.95Charged monthly
12 Months$149.95One charge of  $149.95 

There is no one-time purchase option for Rocket Italian. Rocket Italian Program is a three-level course. Each level costs $149.95. There is no discount for buying multiple levels at one time. The total Rocket Italian cost is $449.85. However, Rocket Italian offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Free Trial

Rocket Italian comes with a free trial that includes access to the first three lessons of the first level of the course. The free trial lasts for 7 days. 

Rocket Italian Coupons and Discounts

Rocket Italian offers discounts on Christmas, Halloween, and other holidays. You can also get a deal by signing up for a yearly subscription instead of a monthly subscription.

Refund Policy

You have 60 days from the date of purchase to request a refund. To request a refund, you must contact Rocket Italian customer support. You can do this by email, chat, or phone. The rocket Italian team will process your request within 10 business days once you have requested a refund.

Rocket Italian: Is it a Good Investment?

Rocket Italian is a good value-for-money language learning app. Users have access to  a wide range of features, including interactive language and culture lessons with games, and quizzes.

However, Rocket Italian is not the cheapest language-learning app on the market. Other language apps offer similar features for a lower price. We recommend trying them all and then going for the purchase.

Rocket Italian$19.95/monthInteractive audio and video lessons, games, quizzes, a large community of learners with bonus survival kits
Babbel$12.95/monthcomplete lessons, games, quizzes, native speaker feedback
Rosetta Stone$11.99all the lessons are interactive, with games, quizzes

Rocket Italian App Ratings From Customers

  • Google Play Store – 3+ (100K+ downloads)

  • Apple App Store – 4.3 (637 ratings)

  • G2 – 4.3

  • Trustpilot – 3.5

Rocket Italian Review: Customer Service

You can reach the Rocket Languages customer support team in three ways. Live chat is available 24/7 and is great for quick help. The email has a slower response rate (within 24 hours), and it’s best for more serious issues. A phone call is also available during business hours but might be expensive, depending on where you are from.

Overall, users experience excellent customer support as the team is knowledgeable, helpful, and always willing to go the extra mile to help customers.

Rocket Italian Review: What Makes it Unique?

Rocket Languages is a comprehensive language learning platform that focuses on all the rules of practical communication skills and everyday Italian Language conversations.

With its wide range of resources, bonus survival kit, voice recognition tool, and immersive approach to learning a new language within just a few days. Rocket Languages is immensely effective in helping you achieve your language learning goals.