Rocket German Review: Can It Be The Best Way To Learn German?

Clara Williams

If you are struggling to learn to speak German or find the perfect language-learning app for this language, Rocket Languages German edition is here to revolutionize your language-learning journey. Basically, because of its features and methodologies like audio lessons and more, that help users quickly learn and speak German. 

Our Rocket German review analyzes this innovative program to determine if it lives up to the hype. We’ll uncover the secrets behind Rocket German’s success, the truth about its effectiveness, and whether it’s the best way to learn German.



An Outstanding Mobile App Best Suited for Beginners 

Rocket German immerses you in the language from the beginning. It has interactive lessons, proper pronunciation practice, and everyday conversations. Its unique blend of simplicity and effectiveness makes it the right language-learning app for improving German language skills. It is suitable even for the absolute beginner level. 

Rocket Languages Website

Rocket German Review Summary

⭐ Rating:8.7★★★★★
🥇 Available languages:14 (see below)
📈 Suits best for:Novices and Intermediates
🛒 Payment options:6 Months / Lifetime
💵 Price:$15 – $260
⌚ Hours of lesson time:350+
🔄 Refund policy:60-day money back guarantee
🎁 Free Trial:✔️

American Sign Language, Arabic (Egyptian), Chinese (Mandarin), English (American), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin America)

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Quick Overview of Rocket German Language

Rocket Languages has changed how people learn German since its creation in 2004. It has proven itself as a trusted and effective language-learning course. It is a super interactive learning platform with personalized elements, innovative features, language and culture lessons, and more.

The Rocket German approach is based on the idea that interactive audio lessons are essential to learning a language. These entire German program make up a whole course that covers pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and cultural perspectives. The interactive audio lessons are designed to be self-paced and interesting, giving learners a lot of freedom.

Through these lessons, learners may practice speaking and listening in a natural way that simulates discussions in the real world. All audio recordings use native speakers. Learners may use their knowledge in real-world situations thanks to the emphasis on practical language skills.

In addition to the interactive audio lessons, Rocket German provides other educational materials. Along with culture lessons, flashcards, tests, and progress-tracking tools to encourage learning and keep track of progress, they feature language and cultural courses that offer additional context for learning the target language.

It offers a thorough and well-rounded approach to language learning that accommodates all learning styles and assures a dynamic and interesting learning experience by mixing interactive audio lessons with diverse learning tools. We think that this is the best app to learn German for the money.

Rocket German Review: Main Features

Rocket German features specific teaching methods for learning the German language. It employs a combination of interactive lessons, cultural insights, adaptive learning, and personalized feedback to enhance language proficiency effectively. The app focuses on real-life communications with native speakers, from pronunciation to cultural understanding and progress tracking.

Personalized Learning Approach

Rocket German is well known for its personalized learning approach. Its language level placement test provides learners with a suitable starting point. It also offers personalized feedback and progress tracking to identify areas for improvement.

Rocket German review: incredibly robust curriculum
Rocket German review: incredibly robust curriculum

The platform’s adaptive learning technology adjusts the difficulty level based on learners’ performance, ensuring an optimal learning pace. Learners can set individual goals and customize their experience by choosing specific language and culture lessons. This flexibility empowers learners to personalize their German course.

Rocket German review: study German interactivelly
Rocket German review: study German interactivelly

By incorporating these features, Rocket German caters to individual learning styles, levels, and preferences, providing a personalized language learning experience that enhances proficiency and keeps learners motivated. 

Progress Tracking

Knowing how you are doing when learning a new language helps you stay motivated. With Rocket German, learners can keep track of their progress. The app tracks completed lessons, quizzes, and the overall performance of the learner. You also get a detailed overview and feedback on strengths and areas you must work on

Rocket German review: Rocket points
Rocket German review: Rocket points

Interactive exercises test your understanding of vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension, and speaking skills. Moreover, you can track what you have been learning and what you are yet to learn.

Interactive Audio Lessons

The main aim of learning any language is to help you communicate effectively. Through Rocket German interactive lessons, learners can practice their language skills, pronunciation and acquire a German accent. It also assures an engaging learning experience with the help of interactive audio lessons and video aids.

Rocket German review: greeting phrase spoken
Rocket German review: greeting phrase spoken

These features make it easy even for a visual learner to speak German as you must choose a correct answer or participate in a dialogue between two native German speakers. It’s especially great that you can compare your pronunciation with that of a native speaker and get instant feedback from the voice recognition tool.

Rocket German review: interactive audio lessons
Rocket German review: interactive audio lessons

Rocket German offers active participation in real-life conversations. These conversations help you master the German language. But it doesn’t mean that Rocket German neglects reading and writing. On the contrary, the lessons encourage you to repeat what you hear, read, or write. 

Overall, these interactive lessons boost your confidence while making you speak German like a native speaker.

German Culture Classes

Rocket German provides cultural lessons that offer users a deeper understanding of German culture, traditions, and customs, enhancing their overall language learning experience.

Rocket German review: pronunciation practice in culture lessons
Rocket German review: pronunciation practice in culture lessons

They also help the learner develop German cultural sensitivity and communicate as the natives. Furthermore, this enables you to avoid potential misunderstandings when living or conversing in the midst of native German speakers.

Rocket German review: language and culture lessons
Rocket German review: language and culture lessons

Lessons Quality

Rocket German has well-structured lessons that provide a practical and comprehensive approach to language learning. These attributes rank it amongst the most effective language learning apps with the best teaching material.

Another outstanding quality of Rocket German is its inclusion of podcast-style lessons. They help practice German pronunciation and encourage the learners to participate in a dialogue.

One Rocket German lesson runs for 20 to 30 minutes to keep it exciting and non-exhausting. But we found it useful to listen to the same lesson a few times to memorize the material better.

Grammar Instruction

Rocket German believes in a simple yet practical learning approach. As a result, the course exposes you to comprehensive grammar explanations. The grammar is clear and suitable for any learner. 

An audio lesson will teach you the correct grammar rules and guidelines and how and where to use or apply them. These grammar lessons help you in conversing even with native German speakers.

Verbal Practice

Rocket German course offers lessons targeting communication skills with daily speaking practice. The app provides interactive audio lessons aided by speech recognition software, similar to Google web speech technology. These features help the learner in communication and speaking practice.

Rocket German review: learn proper pronunciation
Rocket German review: learn proper pronunciation


You’ll also learn German via several reading materials, like articles and dialogues, to help improve your reading skills.

These Rocket lessons introduce you to different grammatical aspects. With the help of audio lessons, you can follow along with the text and improve your language skill and understanding of written German.


When it comes to writing, Rocket German provides you with different resources that will guide you in constructing words and sentences. The Rocket program offers writing tasks that help you in descriptive writing and paragraph formation.


The Rocket German program utilizes modern German vocabulary used in everyday life. Its comprehensive lessons and materials help language learners extend their knowledge and understanding of German words and phrases.

Through vocabulary and speech practice, you can understand a spoken phrase easily. Learn vocabulary with the help of:

  • Interactive audio lessons

  • Speech and verbal exercises

  • Survival kits

  • Word puzzles and lists

  • Pamphlets and flashcards

  • Free survival kit lessons

Rocket German review: learn vocabulary
Rocket German review: learn vocabulary


Unlike other language apps, Rocket German App uses a gamified approach to learning German. You can be assured of an enjoyable yet effective learning experience when using the app. Furthermore, it combines fun, entertainment, and learning to keep the users engaged and motivated.

It is not just any language learning app because the users control the app. They can always go to the next one when they feel they have already covered all the vocabulary and grammar. Again, they can repeat a lesson if they feel they do not understand it.

Rocket German audio lessons enable users to control what to learn. You can also ask for help when you want to do some speech practice.

Rocket German Review: Ease of Use

Rocket German is one of the most user-friendly apps. Its navigation is simple, and you can quickly move from one lesson or section to another. The app comes with the following:

  • An eye-catching design with conducive graphics for enhanced readability and visual experience.

  • Clear labels that are well-organized for easy navigation.

  • User-friendly images and graphics that anyone can use.

  • Features and customs designed for a maximum first-time user experience.

  • Swift loading times offer you a non-frustrating learning experience.

  • Personalized feedback in audio lessons.

Rocket German Competitors and Alternatives

Rocket German vs GermanPod101

germanpod101 website

GermanPod101 provides an extensive collection of podcast-like German lessons. It has a low price tag while still packing some considerable features. Rocket German is also based on learning with audio recordings but, unlike GermanPod101, packs voice recognition and interactive games. Find more information in this GermanPod101 review.

Rocket German vs Lingopie

Lingoepie website

Lingopie gives you a chance to effortlessly learn a language by binge-watching TV. It’s nothing like a traditional language app, while Rocket German takes a guided audio-based approach. If are looking for a more visual and entertaining study option, learn more about Lingopie in our review of Lingopie course.

Rocket German vs Mondly

Mondly website

Mondly is perhaps the most innovative language app out there. It even includes virtual and augmented reality games. In comparison, Rocket German takes an approach better suited for auditory learners. If you want to experience the newest innovations, then Mondly is worth considering. Learn more about it in our in-depth review of Mondly program.

What Could Be Improved?

As much as the app is simple to use, among other features, a few areas need much improvement. 

  • Enhanced Personalized feedback to target different levels of German learners.

  • More German-language materials and resources, especially in culture lessons.

  • Improved search functionality. It would allow easy access to specific sections and features.

  • More accessible offline features with an interactive audio lesson.

  • Update the German vocabulary as technological change influences the language’s development.

Rocket German Pricing

Rocket German cost is based on a flat fee for learning German only. Unlike most apps, Rocket Languages does not offer monthly subscriptions for Rocket programs. Instead, it provides two types of lifetime access:

  • One-time payment

  • 6-month plan

Below is an estimation of how much the online course will cost you:

Levels 1,2 & 3$259.00One-time payment
Levels 1 & 2$249.90One time payment
Level 1$99.95One-time payment
6-Month Plan$282.00Monthly $47.00

Paying for the One-Time Payment plan will help the user save over $189.95 for the Rocket Languages program. The user will also get to enjoy over 389 hours of lesson time.

Free Trial

Rocket Language Courses offers all users a free trial for all its online courses. The free trial is unlimited, and users can gain limited access to the entire course. The free trial is to offer the client a chance to gain access to their content. If satisfied, they can go and subscribe to the available options.

Rocket German Coupons and Discounts

Rocket Languages offers a variety of discounts and promotions on its courses. These offers may range from 10-60% off the regular price. 

Refund Policy

Rocket Languages has a refund policy that runs for 60 days. The refund policy guarantees money-back for all of its courses.

Rocket German Pricing Compared to Competition

Rocket Languages’ pricing is fair, especially considering it has a lifetime plan compared to most competitors like Rosetta Stone or Babbel. Additionally, its uniqueness guarantees good value for your money.

Rocket Languages gives you lifetime access to their content after subscribing. On the other hand, other apps will only provide you with access per your subscription. For example, Rosetta Stone costs $11.99, and you can access all the German learning resources for that period. 

While the initial investment is smaller, you might be paying more with subscription-based apps in the end. That’s why the pricing model of Rocket Languages is favorable for students in the long term.

Rocket German Ratings from Other Users

  • Google Play Store – 3+ (100K+ downloads)

  • Apple App Store – 4.3 (637 ratings)

  • G2 – 4.0

  • Trustpilot – 3.5

Rocket German Program Overview: Customer Support

Rocket Languages respects customer feedback and offers various customer care options. You should expect a quick response when you file a complaint or inquiry online. You can contact the Rocket Languages support team via email or live chat. 

The online live chat is available during working hours for quick answers. During our Rocket German review, we discovered that the quality of customer service is high, and they usually respond within 24 hours.

Rocket German Review: Conclusion

In this Rocket German review, we have analyzed how Rocket German’s user-friendly design, progress tracking feature, and cultural insights are valuable for learning German. Finally, the price and offers give you good value for your money.